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Get sms reminders of Friends Birthdays

I Recently happened to forget my friend Sunil's birthday ,He got angry with me and My Friend Sunil forgot his wife's birthday later on  !! And you can imagine what would have happened between them , haha.. hope it doesn't happen to you. Remembering birthdays in this busy busy life is undoubtedly a tough task . how about receiving a sms reminder on your mobile phone telling your friends birthday, Thats great na!, so let us see how to do it ??
Google calendar can send you sms reminders to your mobile phone. But you need to add
your Friends Birthdays to Google Calendar and set your priorities . Does it sound unfamiliar, don't worry I shall explain step by step through my presentation,Two basic things you shall need are a Google account  and facebook account (most of us already have)

Just go through the below presentation How to get reminder sms of your friends birthdays (free of cost)
you are just 30 secs away ,just go through this simple "click to do presentation"

click forward button(3) above to advance the slide show
click Full screen button(5) above to view the ppt in full screen

So from now, you will not have to worry about your friends birthdays.
You may share this post with your friends using facebook like button or send button, so that they will not forget your birthday !!!

Let me know through your comments, if you have any clarification

Get sms reminders of Friends Birthdays Reviewed by Gowardhan on 9/25/2011 08:41:00 AM Rating: 5


Saru Singhal said...

Thanks for sharing this, it's very useful...

Life Unordinary said...

great idea, good post

Unknown said...

gud one...........
saikat ghosh

Gowardhan said...

Thank you Saru, Gayatri and Saikat.

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