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Hi bloggers,

I am more than excited to share this, while I was browsing through technorati ( Blog search engine), I was checking out the top 100 Blog sites and was surprised to see a blog site ranking 48 which is truly unique
the blog is about some interesting pictures collected carefully and are edited, so I thought of sharing it with you.

picture form the same website , I am talking about

 this pics are strange and different, that has spakled the interest in me.

About the blog site ( as written by the Author)
This is an art scrapbook of links more than images, Rated PG-13. Most images seen here have been retouched or manipulated by me for propaganda purposes.

One more interesting thing is i did not find any advertisements in this blog.
(being so popular)

I am impressed with the unique approach of the Blogger.
The pics are interesting, I shall say artists and photo bloggers  should definetly
visit this site and have a glance.

with all this goodness also, I wanted you to guess why this blog site is ranked 48.
please tell me if it strikes to your mind (particularly photo bloggers)

I am testing your patience na !!  no not any more.
the website is  and you can see it listed as rank 48

Top 100 Blogsites Reviewed by Gowardhan on 8/13/2011 05:41:00 PM Rating: 5


YrHelper Infonut said...

Thanks for posting this . It really was informative.

Saru Singhal said...

Pictures are very unique...Thanks for sharing...

Gowardhan said...

Hi Infonut,

I have enjoyed browsing through the site, so i thought its your turn to enjoy. (ha ha)

Gowardhan said...

yes sharu

they are unique and you can even see his blog site is very differently presented.

induravisinghj said...

Amazing & defiantly different...

Gowardhan said...

Yes indu
the website is really different and amazing.

rohit said...

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pradeep nagar said...

Thank You

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