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Tablet means " SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB750! "

Tablet PC'S are getting popular now a days, But it is Surprising to know how long the journey  was, As the patent for the first Tablet was granted in 1888 to Elisha Gray (surprising !) and  patents for improved versions of the tablet were issued in 1915 and 1956, Later on throughout the 19th century many tablets have been released but could not make it that big , But Tablets started gaining attention after the release of Microsoft Tablet pc in 2002, Samsung Q1 in 2006, Apple's Ipad and Samsung Galaxy Tab in 2010 .

You see the technology changing rapidly in the past two decades enabling us to hold a computer with two fingers (Tablet PC) I am so impressed and inspired  with the way Tablet PC has evolved over years and thought of sharing my views with you all , I recently happened to see the launch of " Samsung Galaxy Tab 750"

The launch has highly  influenced me, I wonder if Samsung would change the meaning of a tablet to a common man in India  .Samsung is already known to all of us as a house hold buddy, Now a days Samsung is ruling the Mobile Phone market. 

After the Official  Launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 (with amazing features), I started discussing, browsing and enquiring more and more about the product and I felt TAB 750 will be a one more Technological Marvel. Here are some features which have excited me the most.

World's Slimmest Tablet

" It weighs  565 gms (lighter than Ipad2 by 36 gms) making it  ultra light"
" 8.6 mm thick(lesser than ipad2 by 0.2mm) "
" form factor makes it easy for extended usage"
" Makes me proud that, I am holding the World's Slimmest Tablet"

With a  Battery Back up upto 9 hrs 
 " I can watch three movies in my train journey (charge point x) "Attend a Relative's marriage without carrying the charger "
 " Listen to 1000 Songs with a one time charge" 
 " Even no need to carry the charger to my Office "
 " Amazing Battery Back up compliments the Portability"

High Definition Video play back and Recording
" Watching movies,Cricket,You tube videos in high definition "
" 1080p hd makes it for the  best  video experience  on a tablet "
" Watch 55 channels with Mobile TV App  "
" you can Rock the floor while you listen to Music on Dual (LR)Surround Sound Speakers"
" You can capture Crystal Clear videos and pictures with HD 720p technology" 

Touch Screen (Amazing User Interface)
" 10.1"screen (4 way rotation) is a just a wow factor , make u experience a brilliant display"
" Superior WXGA  Multi Touch TFT LCD technology( used in laptops and LCD TV'S ) "  
" Touch wiz makes your screen more powerful, by allowing you customize your widgets"
" Virtual keyboard  is enabled with SWYPE (typing even with gestures is possible) "
" you can even communicate through a voice call, video call, sms and mms. 

Reading and Writing( more FUN)

" Its a great fun reading on a Tablet ( Better than a book) "
" My Reader App lets you access 17 News papers,17 Magazines & 30K Books"
" You may read with all different postures effortlessly"
" You may scribble, draw and write with this magic slate" 

Android Honey Comb 3.1 (OS)
 "Honey Comb 3.1 is Specially designed and optimized for Tablets by Google"
"H.C 3.1 allows you do multiple activities at the same time "
"H.C 3.1 makes your browsing experience (multi tab browser similar to Google Chrome) superior 

"H.C 3.1 Offers a voice search option too "
" H.C 3.1 is notification friendly ( best of tabs)
"Some Aspects of the H.C 3.1 will give us a 3D experience" 
"Android has 2 lakh apparatus and are increasing daily "

Android is going to launch Ice cream Sand Wich, a upgrade to Honey Comb 3.1 towards end of 2011

1)1 GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core processor 
2)Adobe Flash 10.2 Support   ( plays more than 10 different video formats)
3)HSPA+(21mbps AND WIFI Access, blue tooth 3.0  (faster data transfer)
4)A GPS Location based with google maps
5)Polaris Office powers professional and creative people  (Writers and Bloggers)
6)Keyboard case and desktop dock can make your tablet a desktop

All amazing features change the meaning of a Tablet ,  
So Tablet means : Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 "

All the above features make Samsung Galaxy Tab750 a unique tablet standing out against its counter parts Ipad, Motorola xoom, Asus Eee pad Transformer, Hp Touch Pad, Acer Iconia and Blackberry Playbook.

Just words are not enough to describe about the beauty of TAB 750, So I thought of adding some slides to  have a glance at the amazing features of Samsung Galaxy Tab 750

Tablet means  "SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 750 "

So Friends I am eagerly waiting to have my hands on "Samsung Galaxy Tab 750"
as all of you do. 

me  :  NEXT IS WHAT ?
You : Samsung Galaxy Tab 750. 
ha ha isn't it

This post is written for a contest " It's time to TAB! " at IndiBlogger, Hope you enjoyed reading my blog post Please do vote

More videos
TAB 750 Launch

google images

Tablet means " SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB750! " Reviewed by Gowardhan on 8/27/2011 12:29:00 PM Rating: 5


Someone is Special said...

Beautiful slideshow and post.. All the best for the contest.. Here is My Life

Someone is Special

Gowardhan said...

Thank you,

Even your post was very nice, I liked it.

Someone is Special said...

Thank you so much Gowardhan :-)

Someone is Special

Manish Panchmatia said...

Hi Gowardhan,

Very good post. Starting with history. Looks, you have done enough research to prepare slideshow and describing all the useful features. If you like my blog, you can promote it.

Manish V. Panchmatia

Gowardhan said...

Yeah I worked on it for 7 days before I posted it.
happy to know you saw my efforts thank you Manish.

raveen said...

good work Gowi.


Mayur said...

Well written article.
best of luck ..
Visit my post here

Anonymous said...

samsung galaxy tab 750 exceptionally high specification and lovely looking

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