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How safe is Bluetooth headset ?

This question popped up when,

Two days back, I was talking with my friend on my cellphone continuously for 1.5 hrs, I started feeling uncomfortable, felt like my senses have to take rest and a cautious question triggered my mind.

how to avoid this radiation?

1) Using a wired headphone set?

it feels like messy and not comfortable, but radiation levels are very less,still you have to keep your device nearer to some part of body which still makes it dangerous.

 Then I thought of thinking about the blue tooth device !
immediate question is blue tooth device is also a wireless technology which works on radiation, what type of radiation is that? 
Answer is, it works on radio waves whose frequency is 1milli watt.(1000 to3000 times < than cell phone)
It has a range of 10 meters, so you can be away from your cell phone which emits a radiation up to 3 Watts.

Coming to cell phone, which emits radio waves  in a range of 2 to3 watts
which is greater than 1000 to 3000 times of blue tooth device

Micromax X450 van gogh
with the above data, I came to a conclusion I shall go for a Blue tooth device.

keeping in view mobile making companies are also coming up with better devices like including a slot for blue tooth headset dock  built right into the back the phone , so the ease of using the same will be enhanced

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