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Beauty contest for Women Prisoners

While browsing through the internet this article struck me, So thought of writing about it.
There is Beauty Contest for Prisoners, I was surprised at this, not sure how many of you will be!
I don't know weather it happens in other countries too, But it happens every year in Women's prison of Brasilia,Brazil in The name of    Miss  penitentiary

You can see in the above pictures
 Prisoners of the Women's Prison of Brasilia prepare  in their cell "SALAO DE BELEZA " ( meaning beauty hall)  for the title Miss Penitentiary, in Brasilia August 3, 2011. 
 A policemen safe guarding while the participants are in the contest, Its exciting to see this pictures isn't it!


 You can see in the above pictures prisoners having fun cheering the participants.
The judging team selected 12 finalists out of the nearly 100 women who entered the competition.  Raira Passion wins the title of "Miss Penitentiary" after garnering the most votes during the third annual beauty pageant at the Women's Prison of Brasilia August 9, 2011.She was serving a prison sentence of six years and two months for armed robbery. 

I salute the Brazil Government for taking such revolutionary and thought provoking steps.
As no one is a born criminal, it happens in due course of time depending on the circumstances they are subjected to and the odd realities they are facing. By conducting such type of contests, prisoners will rethink about the thought of changing their lifestyle.

what do you think friends, am i right?

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Sujatha Sathya said...

CONGRATULATIONS! You've won an Award!!
check out the link

Nona said...


Gowardhan said...

thank u sathya

Gowardhan said...

Thank u Nona

Saru Singhal said...

I agree, tell them how wonderful life is and they will change. Circumstances make us bad. There is nothing wrong is doing something which helps us relish the beauty of life.

Gowardhan said...

well said sharu,

we don't see the world as it looks , "we see it as we are taught to see"

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