23 November, 2014

Ayush Sharma , The man who changed Arpita Khan to Arpita Sharma

Ayush Sharma, the guy who was smart enough to remove the “khan” suffixed behind Arpita’s name and replaced “Sharma” by tying knots to her, the sweet little sister of sallu bhai. Ayush is kinda very busy tweeting each and every - inch and hint of his life, no wonder that he is the talk of the town. 

Have you ever wondered what would Ayush do if he gets caught for driving rash or without a license? “Oh man! You know who my father is? And do you at least know who my grandpa is?” yeah! His collars are always raised for being the son of the himachal pradesh’s cabinet minister and grandson of former telecom minister – No wonder why Sallu Bhai arranged for the awesome traditional wedding in Hyderabad and a lavishing reception in Mumbai – A himachal sized wedding & A Gateway of prosperity filled reception! The Whole lot of Bollywood stars were found posting Selfies and groupies from the wedding spot! 

arpita and her husband ayush sharma

The media joined hands together to shower free service of photography and videos by keenly watching, clicking and penning every aspect of the wedding right the announcement. Starting from the secret behind the groom’s sherwani which was a gift from Hyderabadi clothiers with great affection till the return of the newlyweds to Mumbai after their honeymoon were published with pride. Of course the bits and pieces missing were posted in twitter by our very own Ayush! – Good job guys and umpteen likes for every post. 

The sweet gesture of the couple’s appearance in the event of Big Boss when Sallu bhai participated were tweeted across and aired with great TRP ratings. Arpita and her husband Ayush blushed about their confession of knowing  each other for about 3 years which turned out to be one such “stranger-friend-stranger again-friend again-love life- finally knots tied” array of relationship – one such Sallu’s age old movie isn’t it? They have a bunch of mutual friends whom they hang out with and are known to visit best restaurants in Mumbai often with reasons to celebrate a lavishing dinner.

Ayush being one such charming guy who blew 28 candles on his cake for the his recent birthday, can be very well used for “Gillette shaving gel” ad for his promising “you will like me for sure” looks showed keep interest in modeling and acting. This wedding is looked upon for throwing light on his career and 
interest! – All the very best to Arpita’s hubby

All we could wish the couple is a very happy married life and to have tweeting every picture clicked! Wishing good luck to Salman’s brother in law to give great movies in future as the right badges of being a star is already pinned across him. Way to go dear Ayush – you will be followed – “of course in twitter” gear up and give us great movies to talk about, we are done enough with your family, love life, wedding and the tweeted pictures from your honeymoon trip!! – see you soon on big screen!!

Author Bio

Kavipriya Moorthy is based out of Chennai, India. She is an avid reader, writer and blogger who blogs at http://preethinakshatra.wordpress.com/, she loves traveling and is working on her first novel that is expected to release next year. She scored an MBA degree and worked in IT organizations before she answered her call for passion and started off with polishing her writing skills. 

20 November, 2014

Wedding, Christmas and New Year Shopping Spree ! Go Shopping Party wear Sarees

Hello there brides to be! The bride is always in the center of attention at every wedding andthere’s no doubt that the bride wants to choose only the best for her. We’re here to lend you a hand in the process of choosing your dream wedding gown. You probably have some idea in mind, but how do go about choosing the best suited outfit for yourself? 

All you can do is just gather a bunch of shop freak crazy friends and step out to explore the amazing collections and designer houses. Most of the occasions require perfect attire and hence it becomes a great agony when we have to select from a heavy lot of clothes. As the Christmas and New Years’ eve is soon to arrive all the party junkies are in a complete jovial mood to celebrate. We can surely call it a weddings-cum-party season. In India, it has been a trend of chic-designer party wear sarees and dresses which the ladies flaunt gracefully. 

At the beginning of the party season every woman is looking for her new party outfits. Some of the branded ones really give your classic wardrobe a party finish. I believe it is best to buy less but invest instead, so you are building a fantastic workable wardrobe for work and play. 

It will make it so much easier to create different looks with your very own signature style. All of these pieces are collectables and belong in a woman’s forever wardrobe, because these pieces will never go out of fashion. The only thing that changes is how you put them together, so you keep your look always modern. 

Having said this, these fashion items won’t suit every woman’s body shape and body features or won’t be every woman’s style personality. So, choose the fashion items that you love and suit your build at the same time as well that it not only reflects your style and personality, but also your life style. Otherwise All those expensive designer wear it will simply stay in the cupboard, because you don’t have the occasion to wear it. 

So this season, go get some of the exclusive brands and styles, maybe something which you never thought of trying out or just desired to own. Get the complete make-over done for yourself and let your ‘old you’ meet the ‘new your’. Discovering the ultimate beauty and charm within you is always a blissful moment, and besides 

Lucky6 Game, Getting Lucky has never been this Easy !

As a active Blogger , When I was browsing Indiblogger, I had found that they have introduced a fun game called Lucky6 available for both Android and IOS. I own a Android Phone and my next step was to download the game and start seeing what is it all about? I have used the lucky6 Android App and My first words about this game will be - " A fun, Easy Game that is free to play while you win cash and Luxury Holidays "

How this Game Lucky6 will be received in India ?
Lucky 6 is a interesting mind game, The people can play this game on sheer luck or with their knowledge about share market, Though the Percentage of Population in India who have knowledge about Share Market might not be more than 5-10 percentage, i guess this game will see a good response in India, Working class will find it interesting!! And People from State of Gujarat will make Lucky6 a Big Hit ,as The youth in Gujarat are crazy about Share Market, this simple game only takes a minute to participate. In fact Lucky 6 is more like a lottery game.

Ease of Use / Usability of The App
The interface of the App is very clean and navigation is butter smooth, no confusion at all, You just need to register with your email id once and create 5 digit numeric password and you hit the Activation link sent to your email and you are done. To play the game you go to Lucky 6 and select 6 brands you think will make it high in the stock market and submit and your ticket number will be registered and your ticket will be up for lottery, Getting Lucky has never been this easy, what do you say?

Few Screen shots of Lucky6

Following are my ratings about Luck6 Android App.
  1. Memory required - 34MB Little high - 8/10
  2. Availability - Not Available on Play store - 7/10
  3. User Interface - Very Clean - 10/10
  4. Sharing - Sharing is super easy - 10/10
  5. Interesting - Game is interesting and entertaining - 9/10

You can download Lucky6 Game for IOS or Android  from FatCatGaming.com
size of the Game Lucky6 is just 34MB.

How the Game could Revolutionise lottery india?
Lottery in India does not have respect, it is seen as a act of stupidity and good for nothing, But This Game Lucky6 can actually increase respect to the word Lottery in India, Because intellectuals , the working class also will show interest in this game , Lucky6 can be a  Game for Intellectuals, the white collared, the no collared and the just collared. This Game has the potential to impact and revolutionize Lottery In India, in fact I am not surprised if this game simplifies Share Market Education in India.

What the unique aspects of the game are
I found this Lucky6 to be really unique because unlike other games where user need to wait for the game to load (you will finish playing lucky6 by the time other games load) , and afterwards keep swiping your fingers left right up down or tilt your phone either ways.. Its just a intellectual mind game, One amazing thing is that there will be a fair judgement as anyone can verify if the stocks they have chosen will perform well or not at the Share Market.

At Lucky 6 Sharing means caring for yourself
Yes at Lucky 6 If you invite a friend to play this game and he wins the jackpot, you straight away win 25% of what he has won for example he has 1lakh INR, you win 25 thousand INR. This way If you share about this game more means you care about yourselves more !!

19 November, 2014

Domex is doing its part about Open Defecation, What About you ?

We all know about the practice of open defecation,  Open defecation means defecating outside or in public. Anyone who comes from a village back ground knows about this and even would have witnessed people defecating out side. We see so many people going out for toilet especially in villages. Few reasons why this practice is prevailing in our country are lack of awareness, Don't care attitude and affordability. 

Most important thing is to break the silence and talk about it , spread awareness about it and do a bit about it, After Modi Government came into rule, Importance of having a toilet in house is being publicized and propagated., Vidya Balan is doing her part " You may have seen the Television ad - Jaha Soch Vaha Sochalay " 

Recently a family member of mine had also started doing its part to over come the problem of open defecation, And you will be surprised to know that even one of your family also has started to fight against Open defecation !! Are you thinking ?? WHO IS YOUR FAMILY MEMBER WHO HAS STARTED FIGHTING AGAINST OPEN DEFECTION !! 

I will tell you it is none other than Your favourite Toilet cleaner- DOMEX 

Yes Domex india has started to do its part,  You too can bring about the change in the lives of millions of kids, thereby showing your support for the Domex Initiative. All you need to do is “click” on the “Contribute Tab” on www.domex.in and Domex will contribute Rs.5 on your behalf to eradicate open defecation, thereby helping kids like Babli live a dignified life.

You can see the experiences of few people 

Meena, a mother of two, talks about how her financial circumstances will not allow her to consider building a toilet at the moment. It is a secondary consideration, an investment she will make if offered at a reasonable cost.

“Two years ago, when we constructed a toilet with the help of a government scheme, it was a different experience for us and slowly we got used to it” says Mr. Chopra. “Little did we know that our toilet would break and we would be left to..

Ramoo Sahoo, has three daughters and lives in Oshtopur, Orissa. "Initially, we never really thought of toilet as a primary need" she says, "but recently we'd started facing many health issues due to open defecation ..

If we happen to visit our Villages for any reason we should be able to discuss about the issue of open defecation and guide and motivate people to have their own toilets to improve personal hygiene and health. As a Blogger I request my readers to support this Great Initiative By Domex by following the below link. For every click Domex india will contribute RS 5 to eradicate open Defecation. 

I would also ask you to spread the word by sharing this with your friends on facebook and google right from here

This post is written as an entry for the Indi-Happy Hours Campaign Toilet For Babli in association with  Domex and Indiblogger

16 November, 2014

Amazingly useful Plastic Food Bag Pouch Clip Sealer

Haldirams ka namkeen packet, lays ka potato chips packet, Maggi 4 pack or Oats Pack or a Britannia Biscuit packet whatever may be the item , All of us had the experience leaving them half consumed to the atmosphere just to see that they are not in eatable condition when we try to reach them again !! i will bet you all had experienced this type of problem many a time.

Some time ago I used to seal these plastic food bags with rubber bands and after some time I also used the clips which we use to hold the clothes , what not every one has their own story how they used to protect the food items in plastic bags. But recently I was shopping Groceries at a More Store and I came across Plastic Clips to seal the Food bags. They are highly practical and very easy to use.

Plastic food bag seal clip

Uses of Plastic Food bag Clip 

  1. Good item to seal the plastic bags with food items brought from grocery store. No need to twist bend and put upside down. Stop entry of air and small insects. Can  keep the food in safe condition for short period of time.
  2. Surprisingly useful. Store your opened pouches with masalas and other stuff without risk of spilling. No need to transfer contents into a bottle once pouches are cut open. Just-clip seal with these.
  3. A very practical and inexpensive solution for pouch sealing so the content remains safe and humidity free special in monsoon. Also useful for sealing powdered medicines.
  4. The sealing clip is great for keeping leftovers completely sealed, or for sealing food packs, cereal pack etc.
  5. Easy to use & reusable.
  6. Seal Bag Clip is suitable for clipping different kinds of plastic bags, milk powder bags, food bags, paper bags and so on.

You may find this in any local stores or may be you can try at  big bazaar or at a more outlet, Alternatively I have searched on the internet and they are available on some Online shopping websites like amazon and ebay also

Amazon price is Rs 175 for 18 piece set (click on the link below to purchase online)

18Pc 3 Different Size Plastic Food Snack Bag Pouch Clip Sealer for Keeping Food Fresh for Home Kitchen Camping (Multi Color)

12 November, 2014

Like us on Facebook and win Rs 500 Flipkart Gift Vouchers

Hi Friends , Readitt is back with a contest again, Some time ago we have launched Cuponation Readiit contest where we had given away four Rs 500 Filpkart Gift Vouchers.Lucky winners of the contest of the contest were anounced after some time. Its again time to get lucky

Hi Friends we are excited to announce a give away,  we are giving away Rs 500 Flipkart vouchers to 5 Lucky winners, You can use Flipkart gift vouchers to literally buy anything you like on flipkart.com  You have to follow four simple steps to enter the contest.

Before giving details about how to enter this , We will give you detail about the gift vouchers, the gift vouchers we are giving away are flipkart gift vouchers which may be used to purchase anything you like on flipkart.com (see how to use flipkart e gift voucher here - http://www.flipkart.com/buy-gift-voucher )

How To Enter The Contest ?

  1. You will enter the contest by just one click it is so simple !! is it not ? You have to like the Readitt facebook page (to do this you need to be already logged in with your facebook account or enter your face book login details and click the like button.
To win the contest, Click the link below and like the face book page

Remember you should login to your facebook account before you click the above link


11 November, 2014

problems are like nails

As a routine activity while I was cutting my nails, A thought strike din may mind ! We see every time we remove our nails and they again come up without fail, is it not similar to Problems which come in our life , I mean to say one after the other, Once a problem is solved,another one comes.

Following is my Nail & Problem Theory. 

did you find this interesting ?? let me know your opinion do comment below

10 November, 2014

How to hide Last Seen on Whatsapp ?

There are some real problems with technology, Now a days Anyone who uses a Android Phone are using Whatsapp and Facebook, It is really nice to be in touch with your buddies but at times it gets a tough task to answer every one and be good to every one. Even I came across a famous whatsapp joke " thank god last seen at its not like - Last seen with "

It happens many a times one of your friend complains you were online but you are not replying to me,, it happened to me, This is all due Last seen on Whatsapp !! , If you want to avoid people seeing when you were last seen on whatsapp it would be really nice, And  Fortunately it can be done easily with 6 simple steps.

How to disable or hide Last Seen On whatsapp

watch it in hd for best resolution

wasn't that easy !! Yes I think it is. But let me be sure and write in simple steps what you need to do to hide or disable last seen in whatsapp

  1. Open your whatsapp
  2. click the right corner 
  3. click on settings
  4. click on account
  5. click on privacy
  6. you can see it is checked as every one, make it to nobody
  7. And you are done.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, Just have fun on whatsapp using it without last seen

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