17 October, 2014

huhud - One among the World's biggest cyclones

Cyclones which are of higher intensity are called typhoons, i.e any Cyclone with wind speeds ranging between 118-156 km/hr are called Typhoons and That which have a wind speed of more than 180 km/hr are called violent typhoons, The cyclone Hudhud which hit the city of Destiny - Vizag is also a Violent Typhoon which caused lots of severe damage.

Though human loss was reduced due to Awareness created by Government, Property loss could not be avoided Visakhapatnam Airport was damaged heavily, More than 4 lakh trees feel down and more than 20000 electrical poles fell down the intensity of the Cyclone can be gauged by the loss it created.

Many private Establishments like Shopping Malls, Hotels and High rise Buildings were damaged Partially,and Almost All Big hoardings flew away like paper flights Apart from Visakhapatnam other districts like Srikakulam, Vizianagaram suffers severe loss in Agriculture, As most of the trees and crop has been washed way.


One More Presentation To Demonstrate The Intensity of  HUDHUD Cyclone

Lets All hope A speedy recovery to Vizag- City Of Destiny

To donate for Cyclone relief, you can transfer funds to

Account name: AP CM Relief Fund
SBI account: 33913634404. 
IFSC Code: SBIN0002724, 
Branch Name: SBI Treasury Branch, Gowliguda, Hyderabad.
Branch code for transfers from XOOM money transfer service:
Gowliguda (Hyderabad) (500002017)
If you want to send us cheque, send it to Deputy Secretary, Revenue Department, L-Block, AP Secretariat, Hyderabad

11 October, 2014

Narendra Modi's Seven Success Secrets

Narendra Modi Does not need introduction now, In Fact he has become a Role Model for Many of the Indians and People are listening to what he says and he has a unique style of Communicating with People, He believes he can address people publicly and that makes him more a Interesting Prime Minister. He is the only prime minister who is using social media effectively.

Modi was not made in a day , It took a long journey for him to be in the position which he is now,, It is not by luck he could make it possible,, There are years of Hard work and dedication behind his success, I want to introduce you to Seven Success Secrets of Narendra Modi,, Are you ready to learn the Namo Mantra

Take Initiative
Taking Initiative is Modi's Habit , His initiative to enter politics has started with serving Tea in RSS Office in His Early Political career to get a chance to meet Big People. This habit  has paved the path to his Successful Political Career, So Taking Initiative is a Important Characteristic Trait we all have to inculcate within ourselves

Being Able to Visualize The Consequences
Modi could visualize what he would become if he gets caught in Routine Family Drama and chosen not to Continue the Childhood Marriage and continued to focus completely on what he wants to be and being firm on he Decision he takes

Prioritize his work
We know most of the successful people say Prioritizing their work is very important , Modi follows this secret formula very well , One great capability of Modi is to be able to identify the work which can contribute to his success effectively and implement it. So it is important to WORK SMARTLY.

Win Win Situation
This is a famous formula used in the Corporate world, Modi had applied this formulae effectively in the Elections too this year, As you know How wonderfully Modi has balanced The senior Politicians in BJP and attributed the success of 2014 Elections to his team, After winning the Elections ,The Statement he made was,, " Modi looks Big because all The senior politicians made me sit on their Shoulders "

Try to Understand Others
Listening and Understanding others is a very important trait of Successful Leaders , Modi has this patience to listen to Others and the Ability to Understand People, Modi follows this strictly because he believes that if you try to understand others they will in turn try to understand you, Having a team which understands you is very important for any Leader to be Successful.

Try to take a decision which benefits All
Modi has played several roles in the last Election,, He had always thought how to add value to his Party and taken decisions in that direction. Exactly like a Head of a Family who thinks twice before taking any decision to benefit all the Family Members.

Improving yourself Everyday
This has come last on the list of Seven Success Secrets but In-fact this is the most important one in the list. Modi has embraced this Quality in him very well he talks about technology, he updates him-selves on all important matters, Thinks Globally . 

21 September, 2014

How to Use Your First Android phone ! !

Got your first Android phone,,, all buzz,, but confused how to go ahead,certainly you would have heard that a lot can be done using a Android phone.but surely no ready guide to use. Today we will make sure you will understand how to use your first Android phone.

Android is a operating system specially crafted for mobile phones, most amazing thing about Android operating system is you can find millions of Android applications, the word applications may sound new to you, applications are just similar to softwares which you were familiar with computers, so let's come and know the 10 basic things about your  Android phone.

How to know your Android  phone

Know what is your operating system, because not all the operating systems support all Android applications, if you already know, no problem-  if not go to the seeing panel and you will see about phone after selecting  phone you will be able to see all the information about your phone like your Android version, imei no, model number and IP address

Google Play store

Your New Android Phone would have come preloaded with few applications like google search, gmail, google maps, facebook, whatsapp etc and few games may be, But you will love to install more Applications So you must know about Google Play store because all the Applications you need can be downloaded and installed from play store only, To use play store you need to have a google account / gmail account. One amazing thing here is once you have signed up you can install apps on your Android Phone by choosing to install on your computer screen also.


One good thing about your new Android Phone is the ability to show notifications on your home page, you can view the notifications by swyping down, But recieiving notifications for Forwarded messages on whatsapp can be distracting , So there is a option to customize which notifications to appear on your home screen, To turn off notifications for whatsapp you need to go to setings panel - APPS - Show Notifications , besides that there is a checkbox you need to uncheck it. Use this notifications feature smartly.

Battery is a worry

Battery draining is a worry for All the Android Users, you can see most of your friends looking for a charging point most of the times,, Following few things will help you manage your android phones battery 
  1. Screen will consume more than 50 % of your battery so just minimize screen brightness.
  2. WiFi & Bluetooth can also consume more than 15% of the battery, if you are using WiFi then its ok to keep it on, But if you are not using it switch  them off 
  3. Turn off location detection, if it is turned on.
  4. Most effective way to save battery is to disable data, if you are not connected to internet all the apps stop syncing, it will save battery tremendously, So if not required disconnect your internet.

Be choosy to install applications

It may be very tempting install whatever Application you may come across on Google Play store, But be choosy just checkout following before you hit the install button
  1. Does a similar App exist already on your phone.
  2. Think about memory it occupies on your phone and the load it gives to your RAM
  3. Check the number of people who installed, rating and memory if it is a new app, if the average user rating is less than 4, I don't recommend you to install that App.
  4. If you have installed a new App, you are liking then it is better to uninstall the other alternative app which you are not using, i.e having whatsapp, we chat and line all at a time is not preferable !! what do you say ?

Settings panel

Your Android phone's setting panel will answer your all other questions like Sim card manager (dual sim), how to keep internet on or off , WiFi on or off, Bluetooth on or off, ringtone, notification sound, storing your pics and other stuff on sd card (external memory) etc. You can find almost every thing in your settings panel.

Backup can be done

You can set to backup your account details data and backup to your gmail, so that when you change your phone you can get all the data stored online back by entering your log in details.

Please let me know, If you want to know anything more tell me something more, just comment below.

29 July, 2014

Russian X Ray Girl Natasha Demkina can do all medical tests just with her eyes

Natasha Demkina is a Russian Girl born in 1987, She can see us,, But Most interesting part is that she can also see our bones, heart kidneys, lungs, liver and pancreas etc and the most amazing thing about her X ray Eyes she also can see blocked arteries, fractured bones, tumours etc that means in single line She is a Human being who can do X Ray, CT Scan and MRI etc.

Does that sound unbelievable?? Yes it should sound unbelievable but it is true. Natasha's Parents discovered this thing about her Super Powerful Eyes at the age of 10 . When she used to scan the bodies of her relatives and neighbours and use to say about their body parts in her own terminology like relating kidneys to beans and arteries into pipes etc..  Natasha's mom was worried and consulted several doctors and Doctors have confirmed that she has got some super power. Natasha Demkina is a god gifted child.

As there was a lot of publicity about Natasha Demkina in the media for being able to medical diagnosis just by looking at people with her eyes,, she became very popular and Then the Russian Scientists challenged the powers of Natasha. Discovery channel had conducted a test to see if she really had Super Powers , During the test she could not answer all the questions correctly,, But It was proved and agreed by Discovery team that,, Natasha Demkina had some super natural powers. Discovery team said that out of 7 she could answer 4 questions correctly.

You can see Natasha Demkina to the right,, Don't think she can see you from the internet or computer,, she does not have that power, She can only scan people who are physically present before her. 

Of Late She visited Tokyo Electrical University in Japan and demonstrated few cases in which one person had a knee injury , one was having undulating spinal curvature and one women who was in early stage of pregnancy.

There are many critics who do not acknowledge the super powers of demkina but there are also people who are against the way Dicovery channel had conducted tests on Demkina for the tv Show the Girl with The X Ray Eyes. 

Natasha Demkina Discovery Test video

We cannot simply ignore these type of human beings, infact there are many humans who have these type of super powers in this world,, we will come back to you soon with one more super human next time.

27 May, 2014

Nissan's Self Cleaning Car will be launched in Europe

For Most of us Cleaning the car is a boring task,, when you want to sleep more on Sunday Morning, But Your Dirty car comes as a nightmare and wake you up, so that you end up cleaning your car early morning in the Sunday,, I also felt the same like you,, What if Your car is cleaned automatically!! Sounds Crazy !! na ,, Yes it sounds crazy But in course of time Things which were thought impossible were All Made Possible, So to make your Dream Come true, Japan Car Making Company Nissan has something in the store.

Nissan is now just experimenting on a concept called " Self Cleaning Car " This car is painted with a Special Protection Coat which is hydrophobic and oleo phobic which is engineered and designed by Ultratech and this technology is named -Ultra Ever Dry-, which repels water, paint and dust as a result your car does not catch dust and dirt. What a feeling it is!!

As per Nissan This car Nissan Note will be first launched in Europe and Nissan will provide this Self cleaning car feature in Nissan Note as a Optional one. 

I see things are changing a lot in the recent past Nissan had come with a concept of self healing paint where in The paint flows automatically to heal any scratch ,i.e if the car gets scratched the paint will flow into the scratched area, with google coming up with driver-less cars and some of the cars are already Toyota, Ford and BMW had launched cars that perform auto parking, Nissan's Self cleaning technology is too good and relaxing, But let us see if The longevity of the Special coating is same as that of the normal coatings and what will be the Painting expense when compared to normal Car Painting. 

Following is a video which demonstrates the self cleaning Feature of Nissan Note.

That's amazing naa!!,, what do you say.. Technology will make us lazy and crazy,, Lot's happening over in the Automotive Market. Let us see when will Nissan bring this  Self cleaning Car to India.

25 May, 2014

Purna Malavath becomes the Youngest Woman to Climb Mount Everest

Records are set to be breaked, And Finally the day has come when the Record for " Youngest women to climb Mount Everest Broke" It is Malavath Purna a 13 year 11 month old from Nizamabad -Andra Pradesh - India had Climbed Mount Everest on 25th May 2014 along with Sadhanapalli Anand Kumar , A 19 year old Boy from Khammam - Andhra Pradesh - India . Purna and Anand Kumar are students of Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Educational Society. 

Purna and Anand were lucky enough to get a chance to Climb the Mount Everest as a part of Society's Initiative to promote excellence. Purna's father is a Agricultural worker and Anand's Father is a Cycle Mechanic. Never ever in the dreams they would have thought " They would be on top of the world one day" To pay respect to their Tribal community They had pitched Indian National Flag and also the flag of  Dr. B.R. Ambedkar who had worked for upliftment of scheduled casts in India from the time of Independence.

Initially Malavath Purna's Parents were reluctant about this, but The Organizers have convinced them to accept and Allow Purna to climb the Mount Everest at a Tender age of 13 years.. A total of 20 students received training from Prestigious Darjeeling Mountaineering Institute. and Finally Anand and Purna were chosen for this Task. Andhra Government had allotted rs 68 lakhs for this task from SC & ST Funds.

Purna and Anand started their journey to conquer the Mount Everest on 10th April with 20 kg weight of Protective Clothing and other Equipment and while they are half way to Mount Everest, One of Snow Mountain near to Nepal has collapsed which resulted in death of 16 people. But that did not shatter the confidence of these Andhra Dynamites who are destined to win, win and win.

At one point of time Purna was not able to take the packaged food and her coach decided to take her back,, But she did not agree to that said I am destined to be at the top of the world and she did it. Though more than 65 people had started to climb the Mount Everest less than 10 people could make it,,as it was full of hurdles.

When Interviewed about her Ambitions, Purna told " I want to be an IAS Officer  and serve the Nation. It is much easy to become a IAS than to be on the top of the world. 

I would also like to share with you few more Interesting records associated with  Mount Everest.
  1. Person who stayed for longest time on Mt Everest  is Babu Chiri Shirpa from Nepal, He stayed for 21 hours.
  2. Youngest Person to climb Mount Everest is Jordan Romero, A American Boy who had climbed Mount Everest on May 23, 2013.
  3. Oldest person to climb Mt Everest is Yuichira Miura from Japan at the age of 80 years 224 days.
  4. Persons who have climbed the Mount Everest for the first time are Edmund Hillary from Newzealand and Tenzing Norgay from Nepal on May 29, 1953.
  5. Most interesting of All is two People have married on Mount Everest, They are Pem Dorjee and Moni Mulepati from Nepal, This Wedding can be described as ""Wedding on top of the world""
This is a proud moment for All the Indians and especially for People from Andhra !! . Lets hope and wish Malavth Purna shall get to greater heights in her life. 

23 May, 2014

Review of my 1.5 year Old Symphony Storme 70 I Air Cooler

Its Summer Time !! who ever you talk - just say -- so hot-- so hot-- isn't it? Yeah summer is in full swing and we all look for good means to cool our homes, Most of you have A.C's in the bedroom but when it comes to hall or kitchen it is difficult to have Air conditioners over there. So I have chosen to have Air Cooler to cool my Hall One year ago. I was planning to buy a Cooler for Rs 3000 to 4000 but when I visited several shops I came across Symphony Storme 70 I but the price of the Cooler is too high it was costing Rs 11,000.

But I was really fascinated by its looks and I could not resist any more and decided to buy this Cooler, Firstly what You notice is the Tall structure of the cooler which resembles Tower AC'S and the digital panel which enhances the looks and elegance and after using it for more than 1 year I can say its powerful Al round Cooling is Appreciable.

One thing I disliked is the noise it produces as the fan speed increases, Although the other coolers do make noise, You expect bit of less sound from this beauty ,, because it just looks like an AC. Most of the times people visited my home would ask is it an AC??  when they see my wife operating it with a remote Control.

Symphony Storme 70 I Review - Positive Points

Looks : Looks like an AC, It really adds glamour to your house.

Cooling : Powerful cooling even in very big Halls , You can easily feel the air blowing even if you are at 30 feet away from the Cooler.

Remote Control : Ease of operating with the help of Remote control.

Digital Panel : Digital panel enhances the overall look.

Power Consumption : Power consumption of only 425 watts, helps reduce your running costs.

Pedestals : You can easily move the Cooler due its light weight and the wheels mounted at the base. You do not need a stand to move the cooler. 

Advantage over other Coolers: Advantage over other Coolers is, It cools the room effectively even when placed in the room, Where as the conventional coolers cannot cool effectively if kept inside the room.

Negative Points

Noise : Noise is more, It is manageable to watch TV in fan speed of 1 or 2 , but the noise increases as you increase the speed up to 7. But Generally 1 or 2 fan speed is good enough to cool small rooms.

Over Powered for small Rooms : Not a good choice for small rooms.  

My Recommendation

I recommend this Symphony Storme 70I Air Cooler because of all the positives I have mentioned above and since I have been using this cooler since 1.5 years , My confidence level has increased more. 

27 April, 2014

7 Mistakes You are Doing on Facebook !

Mobile Phone has become a part of your body and Facebook has become a part of your soul,, Yes,, now we can't imagine life without a Mobile Phone or a Life without Facebook. As most of us regularly use Facebook just for commenting on the cricket match going on, updating our place or sharing a casual snap of you or may be a status of how you are feeling right now!!

At times we don't realise how far does anything we post on Facebook goes or can go,, It happens Many a time that Your boss or your distant relative is on your Facebook friends list.. A late night party pic ,, or the like you clicked on sunny Leone's pic may initiate problems. So let us see how to avoid these 7 mistakes you are doing on Facebook ???

Updating your Facebook Status to Public !!

If you update your facebook status to public, Your status will be visible to All your friends, Freinds of Friends, So whenever you are writing something think carefully and share , because you have sevral options like sharing it to public, Friends, or to a few friends you prefer to share,, This is feature is particularly useful when sharing pics,, Don't do the mistake of sharing your too personal pics to public. 

liking a pic instead of commenting !!

Most of us click a like on the pic shared by your friend, by liking on the pic This pic will be shared with every one in your friends list -- This pic or the person in the pic might be irrelevant to most of your friends,, I believe instead of liking, commenting on the pic is a better option.

Making your Photo Albums public !!

While adding a photo Album you can define whom do you want to share this with -- Only Friends ,, Or only a list of people or just one or two of your best friends.. This way you can restrict the number of people who can view your photos,, Girls should take advantage of this feature.

Avoid adding your Boss !!

Most of us tend to add our bosses as our facebook friend ,It is better to avoid adding your Boss as your facebook friend!! Because at times we tend to share jokes on boss in facebook or leave comments on boss or our company which may be taken seriously so it is better to avoid adding people with whom you want to be more formal .

Never comment on about your company or anyone in public

Never ever use Facebook to relieve your frustration on your job, company or any one whom you don't like.. You may also have come across cases like some of the young girls and boys were arrested for commenting on political leaders. "" don't think what you are writing is just with you it goes onnn"" 

Never ever like anything which looks Offensive

I mean to say don't even like any message or picture which is meant to criticise or create a wrong opinion or cause damage to the public reputation of that person or a party etc.. 

Reply to your Friends Messages

Now a days we have gone so far and ahead , we post status messages like " I am at a movie"" "" enjoying at beach "" " liking this weather "' but most of us are failing to reply to facebook chat messages>> I think it is important to reply to the messages ,, if not what is the meaning of freindship,, "" Reply late -- its ok.. but reply for sure..

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