07 April, 2014

Genuine Mobile Review sites in India

3 years ago choosing a mobile phone was very easy,, its just Nokia , Sony or Motorola,, But with changing times and demand for mobile phones in India lot of brands are now selling mobiles,, So there is a lot of confusion..in-order to figure out your kind of mobile,, you generally do a lot of research on the internet,.,. 

As you expect there are many reviews on internet,, deciding if the reviews are genuine or not is again a big question ?  In today's article we will brief you about the great resources like best review websites, accurate price comparison websites etc, available on internet which can make your mobile buying decision easier and perfect.

Best Mobile Phone Review Websites 

  • www.thinkdigit.com is one of the best mobile phone review websites, they write extensive reviews on almost all the mobile phone models, their reviews are simple in language and un biased, they review almost every aspect and state the pros and cons. You can also compare mobile of your choice with any mobile using their compare option. They also write a very clear conclusion leaving little to your imagination ,, it makes easy for us to take a decision.
  • www.gogi.in is relatively a lesser popular website which is run by Gogi Rana, who is a Gadget Freak. He writes genuine reviews about mobile phones you must check his opinion before you take a decision about your mobile.
  • www.themobileindian.com is also a good website which points out pros and cons of mobile phones well, they upload more images of the phone, so you can have a fair idea of how does the mobile phones look. 
  • Apart from the websites mentioned above you may visit youtube and type the search query as mobile model price review and specifications like samsung galaxy grand 2 price review specifications,, you may come across some real good video reviews
  • One more way is to go to flipkart.com or amazon.in and see the reviews at the end of the description, You can count on this reviews because most of them are from real customers who have used the product. 
  • When you are using facebook for everything in your life!!! , Then why don't use Facebook to know the phone you wish to buy is already used by one of your facebook friends,, so just update your status " planning to buy Samsung galaxy grand quattro - looking for your review"" and any of your friend may reply you back. or else find facebook groups who talk about mobile phones

22 January, 2014

Unusual Materials Used to Make Shoes You Would Never Think !

We are all accustomed to our shoes being made from leather, suede, canvass sneakers or “plastic fantastics”. Whether we’re talking beach sandal, winter boots or a stylish bowling shoe the materials are generally pretty similar, but some creative geniuses have discovered the joy of making shoes out of different, rather unusual materials very often simply utilizing whatever materials were at hand.

Prepare to be amazed, astounded and impressed . . .

Shoes from Ivory

Ivory poaching has driven the majestic elephant to the brink of extinction in many areas but way back in the 17th Century it was used by some of the wealthiest people for shoes and other items. The people of India considered Ivory to be so precious that is was reserved entirely for use by members of royalty and holy men. Ivory shoes were extremely beautiful although I’m not sure about the comfort factor.

Shoes from Metal

Metal footwear has been discovered from the times when men first discovered the art of metal-smith. Metal shoes were relatively fragile and, once again beautiful although the sheer thought of it brings extremely uncomfortable thoughts to mind. Metal shoes are okay for horses, apart from that forget it.

Shoes from Fish

Fishskin shoes are common place in many locations; just think about it, fish skin is water proof making it the perfect choice for wetter climes close to rivers and the sea. Many native tribes still use fish skin to create their footwear.

bowling shoes made of  fish skin

Shoes from Grass and Straw

Straw stalks and grass have terrific insulation properties and can be used as outdoor footwear or shoe liners. Alaskan Aleuts would typically wear grass socks on the inside of their boots to protect their feet against the moisture.

Shoes from Human Hair

Shoes made from human hair are pretty rare, it has to be said, but they are not entirely unknown. Socks made from a combination of wool, yucca fiber and human hair were discovered in Arizona from the 13th century natives. Don’t try this at home folks.

bowling shoes made of human hair

Shoes from Wood

Wooden shoes are not quite so unusual and are in fact quite common these days. Wood, however, is generally used for the base and sole of the shoe although it was originally carved out for the whole shoe – wooden clogs are most commonly associated with the traditions of The Netherlands. Deep wooden platforms were also extensively used in Japan as a means of protecting the hem of a delicate kimono from trailing in the dirt. There are also some extremely intricate and delicate examples of wooden bridal shoes with elaborate pointed toes found in late 19th century France.

bowling shoes made from wood

Shoes made from Bark

Plaited birch bark were commonly worn in early 20th century Finland to protect the wearers feet from the mud, snow and rain. Much cheaper than leather shoes they were often used with cloth wraps for added warmth and comfort. Bark shoes only last for around one week.

Shoes made from Silk

Silk shoes have a very special place throughout history from the elaborate shoes and stockings worn by men in the 1700’s to compliment their breeches and tailored coats to the brides of today. The Chinese are also famous for their silk Lotus Shoes which were used extensively from the 10th century right up to just a few short years ago when the practice of binding the women’s feet to keep them small like a lotus flower was eventually proven to be out-dated, though not mass produced any more these shoes are still available as a special order.

For a more “normal” yet extremely stylish selection of bowling shoes visit bowlingshoes.com

13 January, 2014

10 Most Useful Android Applications 2014

You have got your android phone and busy experimenting with new Applications to see weather they work for you or not. Let me start the new year with a bang,, by recommending you some amazing Android Applications which will be a part of your life from this new year 2014. 

Today I am talking about a Android Application which can protect women from rape, a Android App which reminds you about things based on location, A android App which helps you read all famous Indian Newspapers at one place and A application which allows you to watch cricket live. The Following Android Applications are useful to almost everyone of us, Please add more to the list by telling about any Android Application you like

All the Android Applications mentioned below are free of cost and can be downloaded from google play (you need to login with your gmail id) to download these Apps to your Android mobile

Google keep (android app for reminders)

(Avg rating -4.5/5 , Memory - 2.9MB, OS- android 4.0 & up)
Setting reminders about grocery items or about a important meeting you should not miss or a reminder about a task you need to do on time.. I am using this app from past 3 months and I really love this free Android App from google, setting reminders is very easy and most of the times I just use it to share any important info which can be searched easily. Glory of Google keep comes with its location based reminders, where in you can set a reminder based on location and Google keep will remind you when you reach that location ,, Amazing naa.. 

You can even record voice notes just speaking into it, you can also take a snap and write few notes and share it across applications or keep it for your records. Many more uses of Google Keep and I will say " You cannot keep many things with you ,, if you don't have Google Keep "

Dolphin Browser (best android browser)

(avg user rating - 4.6/5, memory - variable, OS- variable)
Most advanced Browser for Android I would personally recommend everyone, Browsing has become more effortless on my Galaxy Grand. It is fast and responsive, Some of the features I like about Dolphin Browser are Tabbed browsing, incognito mode, Gesture browse your favourite websites etc. I don't need to Tell you much, 80 million users for this Android Application just speak for it

Newshunt (android app for newspapers)

(avg user rating - 4.5, memory - 3.3MB, OS - android 1.6 & up )
Initially I have downloaded Times of India App, Hindu App and Eenadu News Paper App separately and when I came across Newshunt I was doubtful about its navigation and functionality, But had given it a try and it just took me two days to delete all other news paper apps because Newshunt provides 85 National / Regional Newspapers. As a bonus you can even search jobs from popular Indian Job Search sites

reduce photo size (android app to reduce photo size )

(avg user rating - 4.3/5, memory - variable, OS- variable)
Many a times I felt the need to reduce size of the image in-order to share it across easily using my mobile data (which is slow) My 5Mega Pixel camera takes images of avg size 1.2 MB and this Android Application reduce the image size by 10 times.  I guess you all want to reduce your photo size for easy sharing,, This App is on the list of  Must Have Android Apps -2014

imo (android app for chat )

(avg user rating - 4.4/5, memory - 8.4MB, OS - android 4.0 & up )
I personally have 3 gmail ids, one yahoo messenger id, one Facebook id, I would like to have all the contacts at one place so that I can chat with all in one window,, imo just meets my purpose so well. If chatting with friends is your hobby, imo can keep you well organised, Video chatting is even possible. 

me against rape  (anti rape android app)

(avg user rating - 4.0/5, memory - 2.0MB, OS - android 2.1 & up )
Crimes against women has increased a lot, what if every women carries a weapon with her all the time,, And what sort of weapon?? your mobile is your weapon,, yes this android app " me against rape " makes your mobile phone a weapon to fight against Rape. following are the important features of this android application

avg antivirus (android app for antivirus)

(avg user rating - 4.5/5, memory - variable, OS- variable)
Anti virus is important for your Android phone too,, when we are accessing internet  we are vulnerable to certain and uncertain risks like virus, malware, spam etc. avg antivirus is completely free and light on your android mobile phone . it warns you against spam sms messages, malicious Android Apps which steals your personal information or attack your mobile phone. safety is first-- So avg antivirus is a must have android app.

dropbox (android app for sharing files)

(avg user rating - 4.5/5, memory - variable, OS- variable)
As the name itself indicates,, it is just about dropping a excel sheet, a family snap or a pdf document in a box , but the difference is the file will be available on your mobile phone, your desktop, laptop or a tablet. I will tell a instance where I used this to purchase a Saree for my mother, I went to a shop and clicked the snap of a Saree and asked my mother to open my desktop computer and click on drop box (image clicked on my android phone is now available on my home pc) my mom and dad could see the Saree and I could get the Saree of her choice first time !!! Most important thing is you need to have good Internet connectivity-- if not drop box is not effective.

indian tv live (android app for watching live cricket)

(avg user rating - 4.2/5, memory - 489KB, OS - android 2.1 & up )
I have downloaded this Android App for watching cricket live on my Galaxy Grand , it works perfectly, I did not try other channels but I believe this is a great app to watch tv on the go for free. Most of the tv Apps require flashplayer but Indian Live tv app does not require flash player. try it one and it while be on your must have list

talking ginger  (android app for kids)

(avg user rating - 4.6/5, memory - variable, OS - android 2.2 & up )
I have been seeing a airtel advertisement in tv " jab jindagi sataaye, manoranjan hi bachaaye " This holds true fro this talking ginger app also because this is incredibly entertaining, It just imitates you so well , even it hears you from a distance, I have kept my phone once near the tv and I had fun hearing the advertisements and songs also from the naughty cat. Kids will love this app too much

02 January, 2014

Websites Which Teach You How To Create Amazingly Useful Things From Useless Waste

Did you imagine making a mobile holder out of a Shampoo Bottle or making a Dressing Table chair out of Plastic Bottles ? I can hear you saying "" what " I know you will be surprised, But most of us prefer to throw away the Plastic bottle, shampoo bottle etc, But we can make our home more beautiful using these things. 

Recently I happened to see a website which talks about How to decorate your home by using disposable plastic and other things which needs to be disposed.

So I thought I shall list out some good websites which teach about how to make home decorative and organising items so creatively form plastic waste and other waste,, Do you Think before you throw away a Water Bottle, I agree you should ,, By the end of this article you will not think to throw away the waste,,you will preserve them to make something wonderful out of those. 

socreativethings is real interesting website for Art lovers, This website has lots of Articles on Home Decor and Innovative ways to manage your home smartly. I was wowed after reading articles like " How to make handbags out of old jeans" " Making a Hand bag out of old T-Shirt in 10 minutes" "Using old or new socks so creatively" I promise you will feel Highly Inspired to do things more creatively and your home will see lot of creative home decor soon

Home dzine is incredibly useful website talking about home improvement like home decor,Finishing and innovative ideas, Apart from Decoration and craft it also talks about basic problems and offers practical solutions. The Artist in you will open up after going through homedzine.

fine craft guild
At Fine Craft Guild , You will find more than 1000 tutorials on making creative art, You will find mostly tutorials on how to make greeting cards, It is mostly about craft and very less about home improvement. You will like this site if you like to prepare gifts yourselves for different occasions to your loved ones

snapshot from socreativethings.com

home designing
Home Designing is a website which talks about interior designing, If you are planning to buy a new home or constructing one, You will love to go though this website. It covers everything related to interior designing of your house, before buying furniture and other accessories you should go through this website for sure.

Recycle Art is a interesting website which has many tutorial and great ideas on how to create art from recycled materials, I was wowed after seeing their ideas like " Making Jewelry from pencils " " Making pen stand from old computer keyboard " " Make up baskets from used water bottles" and you will find many more interesting and creative ideas.

Kinder art
Kinder Art websites is a community of school going kids who learn and explore their innovative side, There are tons of tutorials which make learning and Creating a Fun experience, All the tutorials are explained step by step in simple language. You can help your kids with their creative side with the help of Kinderart

31 December, 2013

Happy New Year in 50 Languages

Wishing your loved ones happy new year is a old way, But what if you can wish your friends, loved ones and colleagues a Happy new year in 50 languages. Thats great way to start the new year. I understood that why people tell Greek is so difficult because in Greek language  it is very difficult to understand happy new year.

Below infographic is a great way to tell your friends a Happy new YeAR.. TELL THEM " mASAYA bAGANG TAON" in Filipino  " Buon Anno " in Italian  and many more

27 December, 2013

Bottle Art Museum in Pattaya Thailand, Must See for All Art Lovers

What is this Bottle Art? Don't assume it to be art on outside of bottles, In fact Art is inside the Bottle! SURPRISED! Don't be, there is something more astonishing. I am talking about a Art Museum in Pattaya- Thailand. This Bottle Art Museum was established in the year 1995 by Mr.Peiter Bij Deleij .  A Dutch Artist. 

This Museum contains so many famous Places, Cultures, Historical Monuments etc made into Bottle art. i.e you will see All the great Monuments inside a Bottle. As per the Artist these art takes about 3 months of time and hard work

This museum contains Bottle Art of Tajmahal, Petronas Towers, Eiffel tower etc and many Art works which reflect religious or cultural significances. If you are a Art Lover, This is a great place to visit if you are Going to Thailand.


After seeing this video you will be surprised how this Beautiful and Classic Art pieces are made? It is under stood that initially they make the Art outside the Bottle and cut them into Small Pieces and after that they are carefully placed inside in right sequence, that requires lot of patience and hard work.

As soon as the visitor enters the Bottle art Museum , Caretakers of the Museum show the visitors a small presentation showing how they do this Art work with so much accuracy. There are videos and presentations available in different languages. 

How to reach Bottle Art Museum, Pattaya

When you reach Thailand and you are in North Pattaya, You need to head towards Sukhumvit Road and locate Kingston Part (Multiplex for Learning and Entertainment center)

View Bottle Art Museum, Pattaya in a larger map

You may visit the museum from 8:30hrs to 17:30hrspm, Entrance ticket For Adults is around 7 $ and for Kids it is 3$, If you are interested to learn Bottle Art, They also have classes for teaching Bottle Art at their Museum.

22 December, 2013

Indian Painting which was sold for Rs 9.63 Crore

Most of the times I have come across situations where,, Tea or coffee spill on your white shirt makes a design or art and we just say it as modern art and speak about selling it for Lakhs of Rupees,, Jokes apart but There is lot of craze for Art around the Globe, But I was Surprised to see a interview on NDTV with Tayyab Mehta who happens to be a Great Indian Painter. One of his Paintings " Falling Figure with Bird " sold for Rs 9.63 Crores. 

Don't be surprised,, The worlds costliest painting (named Card Players) is 250 million dollars. Painter was Paul Cezanne this painting was purchased by State of Qatar.

Most of these Costliest Paintings are Auctioned On-line through websites like Christies and Sothebys . Cost of Art is invaluable, The Auctions and Price paid for buying these Paintings prove that.

Coming to the Painting "Falling Figure with Bird" made by Tayyab Mehta, This painting illustrates A Falling Bird (Theme is bit difficult to understand and explain) Perhaps this Painting has its origin from the crime witnessed by Tayyab Mehta 

Tayyab Mehta is a well known Indian Artist who has several great Paintings to his credit, he was born in Gujarat in 1925 and died in 2009 (mumbai). Surprising thing is he lost vision one eye and other eye has only partial vision before he died in 2009.

He was not after fame and money and would always use to paint about his times pre-Independence.  Apart From Tayyab Mehta Painting of MF Hussain also got great Popularity and Price. 

This type of Great Artists stand as a Inspiration to the newcomers. Long live Art and Long live India. After reading this I hope atleast You will not discourage your children from taking up Painting as a Career.

12 December, 2013

Hottest Winter wear for Women to check online before going to a shop nearby

Winter has started and you are wearing your 2 year old jacket or sweater which no longer looks good on you,, Want to purchase a couple of jackets or a sweat shirt ?? No idea about the latest trends and models available,, don't worry-- you are on your computer now,, we can find so many good models on Online shopping sites. 

Let us see Winter wear collections for women, In today's article we are going to discuss about which suits you the best? Best jacket may not look good on you, It is very important to see what matches your body and your attitude. Let us have a brief about different types of winter wear for women available and suitability.

Hoodies : Hoodies make for a good winter wear, They look stylish and also offer great protection, helping you to cover your head when needed. You can find hoodies with round neck, Hoodies with zip for easy on and off. These are very good for women who wants to go on for morning walk or evening walk as a part of their daily workout or exercise.

Sweaters: Sweaters are the oldest form of winter protecting garments still going strong, due to it's simplicity . But I believe sweaters are good for regions where the temperatures are not so less, Now a days you can find sweaters which are highly fashionable, They can be worn straight away on jeans and can replace tops or t- shirts. College going girls prefer this sweaters the most.

Sweat shirts: Sweat shirts are mostly used over t shirts or tops and they come with different locking mechanisms like buttons and zips , They are simply like jackets but are made of fabric which just looks very similar to the regular clothing you wear.

Long Jackets:  These Long Jackets are used much less for style but are used more where protection from cold is major concern , i.e in cooler places these Long Jackets are very useful and they add a elegant look to you, I would suggest these long jackets for working women.

Shrugs : If you are on the trendier side, An Girl who mixes style with attitude and fitness freak, then shrugs may be a best fit for you. They are bit longer then normal jackets and hoodies. I believe they make a best fit in the age group 20-30

Scarfs: Scarfs are now available in different sizes, different fashion and trend, These are a must have accessory for every women as they can be used to cover your face, head and ears and at times they can be wrapped over your slim fitting t-shirt.

Jackets made of fur : These jackets are comfortable to manage winters very well. They keep you warm in himalayas too, Prefer these if you are on the colder side in India. these jackets are of course every ones favourite.

You can find these wide variety of winter wear online, I guess you will also love to know Most of the lifestyle shopping sites like myntra, jabong, freecultr etc are offering great Deals on account of Great Online Shopping Festival, You can find all the great GOSF Deals here,, If you are still curios to know more info about GOSF . Dont forget to check out prices of your favourite winter wear 11 - 13 th December

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